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TWS Bluetooth Headset JZ-D11

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Product parameter features
item (D11 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones) parameter characteristics
Bluetooth solutions Lanxun AB5396A
Bluetooth version Bluetooth V5.0
Support Bluetoothprofille HFP A2DP AVRCP AVDTP GAP SDP
Bluetooth decoding format SBC AAC
Bluetooth working frequency 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Bluetooth range ≥10M
Best Talking Distance (TBR) ≤10M
Max power 10mW
Audio signal-to-noise ratio S/N ≥62dB
frequency response 20Hz~20KHz
Maximum volume playback time about 3 hours
music playback current <13mA
Call playback current <15mA
Standby Quiescent Current (Turn off noise reduction under transparency) < 1.3mA (start noise reduction under transparency) < 5.1mA
Shutdown current consumption <12uA
Lithium battery charging current 30mA
Headphone charging voltage 4.75V-5.2V
Headphone battery 40mAh
Battery life of the charging compartment about 8 times
Charging compartment battery 280mAh
Headphone standby time Turn off noise reduction and wait for about 30 hours under transparency        Start noise reduction about 8 hours under transparency
Charging compartment standby time
Operating temperature\humidity range Temperature: -40~85℃ \ Humidity: <70%
RF parameter features
RF maximum transmit power ≥2.8dBm
RF Receive Sensitivity (TYP) ≤-88dBm ~ -89dBm
Silicon wheat parameters
MIC Model 2718
Sensitivity -38±1dB ( 0dB=1V//Pa)
Imped dance 300Ω
Current Consumption ≤ 200µA (at: 1000Hz)
Frequency 100Hz~8000Hz
Directivity Omnidirectional
S/N 62dB
Silicon wheat parameters
MIC Model 2718
Sensitivity -38±1dB ( 0dB=1V//Pa)
Imped dance 300Ω
Current Consumption ≤ 200µA (at: 1000Hz)
Frequency 100Hz~8000Hz
Directivity Omnidirectional
S/N 62dB
Charging compartment parameters
charging interface USB Type-C
chip IP5513
Operating Voltage 3.7V--4.2V
stand-by current 26uA
Maximum charging current 0.23A
Discharge maximum current 0.6A
Charge cut-off current, automatic recharge 80mA
Discharge cut-off current 6.5mA
Charging Instructions

1. When charging the headset in the charging compartment, the red light of the headset is always on, and the blue light of the bin is always on

2. After the headset is fully charged in the compartment, the light will automatically turn off.

3. When the charging compartment is charging, the red light flashes

4. When the charging case is fully charged, the red light is always on.

boot Take out the headset and automatically start pairing
shutdown Put it in the charging compartment to charge and shut down
previous piece Double click on right ear
next track Double click on left ear
play / Pause short press
volume+ Left ear triple tap
volume- Triple tap right ear
ANC switch Press and hold for three seconds to hear "ANC ON or transparency or ANC OFF" and let go (noise reduction-transparency-off)
Siri Left/Right Ear Quad Click
answer Incoming call click
hang up the phone Click to hang up during a call
reject the call Long press for 2 seconds to hang up
LED indicator
boot Blue light on for three seconds
shutdown Red light flashes three times
pairing no flash
connection succeeded no flash
play music no flash
music pause no flash
incoming call no flash
calling no flash
low power no flash
charging Steady red light
full charge Fully charged on for 10 seconds, blue light off
Voice prompts
illustrate Default English
boot power on
shutdown power off
pairing pairing
connection succeeded connected
Disconnect Disconnected
maximum volume Doodle
minimum volume none
B Doodle..
caller number beep after calling
Low battery alert Low battery
Bilingual switch none
In-ear detection none
Siri beep
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