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Desktop 2.0 pair box JZ-Z720

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Speaker Specifications

Specifications: 2.0 channel gaming computer speakers

Power amplifier chip: MD8403

Output power: 3W*2

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): ≤10%

Impedance: 4Ω

Speaker specifications: external magnetic speaker, diameter 57mm 4Ω3W, rubber edge champagne gold pot speaker

Wire: Auxiliary cable: Left auxiliary cable L=100cm, Right auxiliary cable L=60cm Power cord: L=100cm, USB2.0 plug

Power supply mode: Working voltage: 5V 2A


How product features work


1. Bluetooth mode: a. Press and hold the Source button, the blue indicator light flashes slowly, waiting for pairing; b. Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth to search and connect "V720", if the device prompts for a password, please enter "0000"; c. Connect After success, the indicator light is always on.

2. Sound card mode: a. Connect the USB cable to the computer; b. The speaker will automatically turn on and switch to the sound card mode, and the sound source indicator will light red;

3. AUX mode: a. Press and hold the Source button to switch, and the indicator light flashes red and blue slowly, which means the AUX source is ready to be connected; b. Through the audio input cable, you can connect to the output interface of electronic audio equipment including mp3, mobile phone, computer, etc. to the AUX interface of the wired controller; c. After the AUX audio cable is connected to the device, the indicator light will be long red and blue;

4. Headphone output: In any mode, you can plug in a wired headphone, and the sound is output to the headphone.

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