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Company profile

  • ¡ Founding Background: Founded in 2007, and has continued to expand through several acquisitions and mergers.
    ¡ Main business: design, research and development, production, service. Mainly for audio, communication industry, smart technology consumer electronics industry, silicone plastic, metal, electronic product assembly and its peripheral products.
  • Dongguan Fanuo Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. (Hengli Town, Dongguan City): Established in 2007
    ¡ Plant area: 9000 square meters
    ¡ Company scale: There are four production bases in China, with professional logistics distribution and service capabilities at home and abroad.
    ¡ Number of employees: 528 employees in total, including 35 product developers (as of July 2020)。

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Our Mission

Be the proud choice of partners in the industry (including customers, employees, shareholders and supply partners, etc.)

Product sales distribution map

  • Engineering Capability

    ¡ Product design (appearance, structure, electronic parts, packaging, etc.)
    ¡ Mould Design and Manufacturing
    ¡ Manufacturability Analysis (DFM)
    ¡ Failure Type and Image Analysis (FMEA)
    ¡ Prototype (prototype) production and evaluation
    ¡ Moldflow Analysis (Moldflow)
    ¡ Assembly Test Fixture Design and Manufacturing
  • Production and processing capacity

    ¡ Plastic injection molding ¡ Silicone injection molding ¡ Spraying
    ¡ Silkscreen ¡ Pad printing ¡ Laser carving
    ¡ Ultrasonic welding Leather cover pressing, sewing and plastic injection molding
    ¡ Heat transfer Water electroplating/vacuum electroplating ¡ Water sticker
    ¡ Assembly ¡ Labeling and Packaging ¡ IMD/IML
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